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Nancy's 30 gal, stood up July 2014

My beautiful and rare Black LongNose Tang is available for sale.  He is very healthy and thus, out growing his tank.  We are planning a new 180 or 220 build coming soon, but probably not soon enough!!  LOL...  I will be happy to entertain all reasonable offers; the market price for this exquisite fish is $799 (per LiveAquaria.com).  He has a great personality, not aggressive, good eater, completely reef safe and friendly with his tank mates.  Feel free to call me directly on my cell: 347-204-0776.  Serious inquiries only please.

Our Customers and Friends tanks

Peter's 90 gal Mixed Reef Tank, aprox 2 yrs old

Stood up August 2013 -Purple Tang, Midas Blenny, Yellow Coris, Picasso pair, Red Velvet Wrasse, 2 Chromis, Lawnmower Blenny, Coral Banded Shrimp pair, and latest addition is the female Tiger Angel!  Coral includes:  Seasons Greetings, Montipora caps, Rasta Zoas, Superman frags, White Trumpet, Candy Cane Trumpet, Molten frag, Chalices, Gold Tipped Torch, Acans, Acros, Green Mushrooms, Ricoridia Mushroom, Cats Paw Leather and other assort frags.

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