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About our Livestock

"Quality Marine"

Ask your Local Fish Store where they get their fish from.  Is their supplier quarantining their fish, medicating when needed and captive conditioning?  Be wary if you cannot get clear information about this important process.

Special Thanks  

Quality Marine

for our Great Partnership!!

QM is providing healthy, beautiful, lovely animals for our customers and, thanks to our expanding relationship, we can now offer more great choices for your tank!!

Try it !

Scan the QR code in the picture with your Smart Phone and your phone's browser should take you to the Quality Marine website where you'll see the fish's profile. 

Cool, huh??!!

If you need a QR Scan program,

go to Google Play and

download a free one. 

Search "QR Code"

We use Quality Marine as one of our main suppliers for the following reasons:

  • Amazing quality!! The health of our livestock comes first and foremost in our business.
  • Great selection!!  QM has been their for us whenever a challenging special order was requested.  Recent special orders have been the Conspicuous Angel, a Kutier's Wrasse, the Carberri Anthias, Panda Gobies, Chevron Tangs and more...
  • Quality Marine only works with collectors who utilize sustainable practices in the ocean reefs.  We refuse to work with any suppliers that do not carefully vet their collectors against harming the fish and corals.
  • Quality Marine runs a program called "ReefHab", where they contribute funding to protect our natural reefs.
  • Quality Marine provides informative fish labels so our customers can learn more about each individual fish.  Coral Reef Junkies always recommends doing the research before a livestock purchase.
  • Finally...  Reef Keeping is a privilege.  We can honor, protect and grow our ocean friends by utilizing the highest quality sources for life support equipment, foods and nutritional supplements.